Enjoying the Process

It was Friday, my day off of work, my “weekend.” I had biked down to a fabulous 90 minute yoga class and was on my way home. The sun was shining, the air was fresh, and the one gear that still functions on my 1980s Schwinn was perfect against the breeze. It was 11:15am and I had the rest of the day off of work!

The day was all mine, and yet I found myself rushing home. I caught myself getting frustrated as I hit a red light, and later had to take a detour due to road construction. Why was I in such a rush to get home? I had the whole day off, it was gorgeous outside, and I was on my bike (which I love). Why did I feel the need to rush through this process of getting from one place to another?

As soon as I caught myself in the mind-space of “gotta-get-there,” I took a moment, took a breath, slowed down, and took in my surroundings. I allowed myself to enjoy the act of biking, feeling the sun on my face, and taking in the lovely neighborhood I was traveling through. I noticed quant apartments and homes that lined the Lincoln Park streets and even went “off course” to see what other interesting homes I could find. (I am a sucker for beautiful homes!) I rode past a park where I listened to the sound of children laughing, and took note of a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that I had wanted to try. I allowed my mind to wander and daydream, while keeping my eyes focused on dodging the Chicago potholes.

My ride home made me come back to the idea of enjoying the process: the process of moving from one place to another, from one idea to the next, and from one milestone to the next milestone. The space between is just as valuable as its bookends. The process and transition can be its own experience and encompass a whole lot of joy.

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