I AM A ...

I am a yogi. I am a runner. I am a reader. I am a writer. I am a musician. I am a dancer. I am a singer. I am an athlete. I am a _________. We label ourselves daily. We declare to BE something. Why do we do this?


Perhaps to feel a sense of belonging; to feel like we have a place in this big big world? Maybe as a tool as we constantly search for who we are? Or maybe as a way to find connections with others who declare themselves to BE the same thing as us? There could be so many reasons. And each of our reasons is most likely different. But in addition to labeling ourselves what we ARE, we also tend to label ourselves as what we ARE NOT. (Well, what we think we are not.) "Oh, I can't fun a 5K. I am not a runner." We limit ourselves. Instead of saying, "I am not a runner", what if you asked yourself, "Do I enjoy running?" If the answer is yes, then why can't you run a race? Would you enjoy running 2-4 miles 3 days a week? Then why can't you run this race?

Who declares what we are and we are not? We do this ourselves.

I studied theatre and music in college. For several years after college, that was my focus. That was my career focus. I was auditioning, performing, constantly singing and continuing my dance training. I WAS A PERFORMER. I WAS A SINGER. I WAS A DANCER. I WAS AN ACTOR. Several years later, my career focus is now in fitness, health and wellness. Now, my day-to-day involves teaching and training individuals, writing, and developing programs that involve Yoga, Fitness and Pilates. And I love this! Does this mean I am no longer all those other things I once was? Am I still a singer? A dancer? An actor? I ask myself these things often.

Within the past year I have taken up learning the guitar. It is a special time in my week that brings me back to my musical self. I cherish this time and am constantly excited to see how much more I can learn. I have been asked if I would ever try to book gigs, whether it be solo or putting together a band. "Oh I don't know, I am not a singer anymore", is what I have caught myself saying. But the truth is, I love to sing. I love music. Without it, I would not feel like my full self. I enjoy singing, I enjoy music, and I would feel so alive back on a stage, so why can't I perform again?

We often times limit ourselves with our labels. We stunt our spectrum of possibilities because we think we ARE NOT something.

So I say, let's get rid of these labels that we put on ourselves. We don't need them. Sure they can do us some good, but they can also not serve us well. Instead of saying "I AM A _________." I have now adopted saying "I ENJOY _________, so I can/will do _________." This has offered me a much more open mind and has allowed me to see a bigger world of opportunities.

I enjoy yoga. I enjoy running. Reading makes me feel good. I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts. I love having music in my life. I enjoy dancing. Singing is something I couldn't live without. I enjoy having a physically active lifestyle.

All these things make me feel good. All these things make me who I am. I am capable of anything I want because of they are all based on what I enjoy!

Focus on what makes you feel good and then go live what makes you feel good. You have the freedom to enjoy anything, so you are capable of doing anything! The possibilities are endless. Instead of figuring out what we ARE and what WE ARE not, let's focus on what makes us feel good and pursue and commit ourselves to those things.

Be You. Live the life you enjoy. That is all that matters. No labels. Just BE what you ENJOY.

- Jo

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