Finding Balance

As we move into the Fall season, one by one things begin to shift. We dig our jackets out of storage to keep us warm as the temperature starts to drop. We start to crave hot coffee and hot teas instead of the cold, icy ones we may have spent the summer months enjoying. We add an extra blanket to the bed to keep us warm while we sleep.

These are all some very obvious shifts as we move from warm weather to cold weather; as we transition. Fall is such an interesting season. It is not crazy cold, but it is not crazy warm either. It is a time of transition; transition of the weather as well as a time when we can transition our mind and body to prepare for the winter months ahead.

Summer months are full of outdoor activities, many of which socially based. Festivals, barbeques, dinners, races and more. We often find ourselves out and about, going from one thing to another. Whether intentioned or not, we tend to spend more time with ourselves during the winter months. We have more quiet nights spent in at home, more weekend brunches made at home, more at-home movie nights, and more time to curl up under a blanket and read a book. Fall is a great time to rediscover enjoying time with yourself. A great time to enjoy "me-time".


While the weather is still nice, go outside and take a walk with yourself. Turn the phone on mute (or if you are feeling courageous, even leave the phone at home), take the headphones out of your ears, and just walk with yourself. Take in the space around you. Enjoy the beauty of the leaves dressed in warm fall colors, enjoy the rhythm of your feet on the sidewalk, and allow your mind to wander. Just walk. With just You.

Starting a new novel, or beginning to read up on a new topic are great fall-into-winter activities. Is there something you have always wanted to know more about? Now is a great time to pick up a book and starting learning. Is there a book on your bookshelf that has yet to been read? Start it now. Reading a book is a great way to spend some quiet time with yourself, calm down and slow down.

Take up that hobby of yours that you have put off. Always wanted to paint? Start now! Want to learn how to sew new throw pillows for your new couch? Now is a great time to learn. Curious about how that friend of yours cooks such delicious food? Take time to play around with cooking. Take time to do something you have always thought about doing.

Fall is also great time to reboot your health and fitness regime. I don't know about you, but I find myself doing as much outdoor physical activity as I can in the summer. Running, biking, playing a team sport etc. Most of these things are fast-paced, very up-tempo forms of exercise. Fall is a great time to tune into your body as to what it needs. Perhaps balance out your colder winter runs with some warm Yoga. Maybe counter your in-gym weight training with some fluid Pilates. The colder winter months are on their way, so now is a great time to discover a routine that will keep your body warm, steady and flexible. 


Think BALANCE. As we shift into a new time of year, do you feel more energized? Less energized? Do you feel stiffer or achier in your joints? Do you feel really mobile but not as steady and strong? Take some time to tune into yourself. If you beginning to feel stiff and achy, add some Yoga and/or Pilates into your fitness routine. If you feel you are lacking strength and motivation, add some proper weight training.

Also, think about what you have spent the past several months doing. Did you spend all summer running in the sunshine? Did you spend all summer on your yoga mat? Did you spend your summer attending all the fun festivals and lacked a health and fitness regime? If you spent all summer running, biking, weight lifting (things that engage your muscles but also tighten the muscles), take up Yoga and Pilates. If you spent all summer on your yoga mat breathing and sun salutation-ing, venture into strength training and endurance training work. Bottom line, it is all about balance. Fall is a season to tune in and discover a new health and fitness regime that makes you feel balanced, physically and mentally.

As seasons and weather shift, so do the natural foods that the earth produces. Fall, specifically, is a time of transition as get back into our more regimented routines. We should look to eat foods that renew, recharge and rebalance. Fall is the season of root vegetables, squash and dark leafy greens like rainbow chard and kale. It is also the time of year to grab those last-minute heirloom tomatoes and juicy peaches, as well as fruits like apples, pears, persimmon and quince. The earth shifts according to the weather and the seasons, so why not move with this natural shift and eat what is naturally produced? This can increase energy as well as improve the digestive tract.


Shift your diet along side the weather. As the weather gets colder, move your outdoor grilling inside to roasting and baking in the oven. Add in starchier fruits and vegetables. Give you dishes a pop with fall spices and herbs.

One of my favorite, indulgent, fall recipes is my version of a loaded baked potato.
You will need:
  • Organic Sweet Potato or Garnet Potato
  • Organic Ground Turkey
  • Organic Kale
  • Organic Salsa (homemade or no-sugar store bought)
  • Organic Plain Greek Yogurt


  • Bake an organic sweet potato or garnet potato in oven.
  • Cook ground turkey in a large skillet adding paprika and a hint of cayenne pepper.
  • Sautee kale in a medium skillet with EVOO garlic and sea salt.
  • Slice potato in half and top with salsa, sauteed kale, and ground turkey.
  • Top it off with a dollop of organic plain greek yogurt.

So go for a walk and breath the fresh air. Start that novel and get the next one ready for the winter season ahead. Take up that hobby that you have always wanted to do. Evaluate your workout regime and be open to shifting some things around. Shift your food shopping to fall-friendly produce and set time aside to cook a warm meal. Take a moment and enjoy the beauty of this tranisitional season. Take the time to begin slowing down, tuning in, and finding balance. Body, mind and soul.

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