About Joanna SilversJoanna is a Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Instructor, and Certified Pilates Instructor whose mission is to guide others in finding their personal “feel good.” Whether it is physically or mentally, Joanna aims to work with each client to discover a happier, healthier, more powerful being.

"The body and the mind mirror one another. When we strengthen the body, we strengthen the mind. When we free the body, we are creating spaciousness and freedom of the mind. I believe everyone has the ability to “feel good” no matter what circumstances may come his or her way. We each have this power. I aim to spread this self recognition. Because we all deserve to feel good! "– Joanna Silvers

Joanna’s passion for connecting to and accessing the body and mind began at a very young age. Growing up a competitive gymnast, she has always loved moving, sweating and connecting to the body. After more than 10 years of intense gymnastics training, Joanna left the competitive world and dabbled in coaching recreational gymnastics for children and teens. It was then that she also began exploring the world of theatre, music, and dance. She earned her BFA in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University. Immediately following graduation, Joanna began touring internationally with the Broadway musical CATS, performing in several countries and nearly all 50 states in the US.

Next stop? New York City. Joanna continued to constantly crave both the mental and physical effects of movement. She studied and practiced various styles of fitness and yoga, all while continuing to dance, sing and, perform. Joanna fine-tuned her deep understanding of body mechanics and how each piece affects another, as well as the multitude of non-physical effects and benefits of movement.

Joanna is a Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), a Registered Yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance), and a Certified Pilates and CARDIOLATES® Instructor (Pilates Academy International). She currently teaches and trains private sessions and small group classes in-home and at several studios and gyms in Chicago. Joanna is also the founder and creator of Primal Bootcamp. With such a diverse education and background, Joanna has the freedom to customize programs that can deeply benefit each person she works with. While Joanna has the experience in helping people from all walks of life, she believes her most valuable qualification is the ability to connect with her clients on an individual basis, creating true relationships that result in real transformation.


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