I started working with Joanna after running three marathons. Since then, I have run two additional marathons. Since training with Joanna, my run time has significantly improved and more importantly, the rate at which I recover has improved. Joanna pays unique attention to each person's strengths. She approaches each client differently with exceptional detail to form and movement quality. She has a unique ability to bring out the best in each person she works with and makes them feel the best they have ever felt.


Beverly McGuire - Yoga and Fitness Client

Joanna has a unique quality of pushing her clients to their limits and celebrating their wins as if they are her own. She has a focus on form and is able to adapt every class to accommodate everyone: from beginners to veteran clients who have trained with her for years. I always look forward to working with Joanna - even at 6am!


Cassie Bertram - Bootcamp and Group Fitness Client

About two years ago, I started training with Joanna, and my life changed. One of the main reasons I was able to commit to my workouts and overall health, was because of Joanna. Joanna believes in you. She believes you can be a better you, a stronger you, a happier you, and a fitter you. She is a positive, upbeat, great motivator! Joanna is knowledgeable and highly attentive to form, which I have come to realize is of UTMOST importance in preventing injuries and building a healthy, balanced body. Joanna will modify and customize any part of a workout to best suite your individual needs. I can confidently say that Joanna has helped to change and shape my life. She has taught me the value of going for and working through the things that scare and intimidate at first. You can tell she loves what she does. Joanna she genuinely cares and you feel that right from the get go.


Ashley Hodges - Fitness and Pilates Client

I started working with Joanna right after getting engaged. Now, a year and a half into my marriage, I still train with Joanna regularly. Joanna is a wonder at providing total body workouts that are fun and always changing. Her attention to individual needs and her wealth of knowledge gave me the strong arms and toned legs I had always hoped for. Joanna helped me prep for my wedding and has kept me healthy and happy ever since.


Lauren Furey - Bootcamp Client

I have worked with Joanna for 2 years. I have taken her detox yoga class and boot camp. Her level of professionalism, positive motivation, and vast experience and knowledge with working with people of all levels of fitness are her highest priority. I thoroughly look forward to our sessions knowing I'll get a great workout with someone who cares about my personal goals and ability.


Carrie Weaver - Yoga and Bootcamp Client

Joanna happily welcomes people of all backgrounds, while her down-to-earth, relatable personality sneaks into every class. She guides her students through postures and movement all while beaming with professionalism and expertise. No matter the class size, Joanna notices individual progress and offers individual praise and excitement. Joanna teaches with the highest level of professionalism and expertise while beaming with great energy, making exercise enjoyable and fun.


Libbe Mocek - Pilates and Fitness Client

Training with Joanna in all aspects of a workout, including both mental and physical, has been one of the best things our family has committed too. Within the past 2 years, our family’s overall wellness has dramatically shifted and improved as a result of investing in private sessions and group classes with Joanna. Her knowledge of the body, and its correlation to the mind, has not only helped transform our physical shape and internal health, but has allowed each of us to grow intellectually and emotionally, helping transform our everyday lifestyle. Joanna’s guidance and training has enlightened our family with positivity and growth!


The Pahl Family - Yoga, Fitness and Pilates Clients

Joanna is like your tough-loving best friend. She coaches and critiques like she cares about your body, and also your feelings. She is a joy to be around, and her attitude and demeanor makes it easier to work out hard on those days when you just aren't feeling it. Besides being a great person, Joanna pushes her clients to the limits. I have gained noticeable strength since attending her classes and feel an immense sense of accomplishment each time I meet with her. She's the best!


Lindsey Switzer - Fitness and Pilates Client

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