Why do I do what I do?

Joanna believes in the ability of these modules of movement to bring strength, mobility, and balance to the body and mind. With knowledge in varied styles of movement and exercise, Joanna builds customized programs for each client. She incorporates these methods of movement to create a health and fitness program that is just right for you! These programs not only target your goals, but also incorporate what you enjoy! It is important to have fun while working towards your "feel good." Joanna knows that the combination of determination, dedication, and positive energy is what leads to maximum results. Despite whatever circumstances come our way, we all have the ability to feel strong, mobile, and happy. Joanna is very passionate about guiding each client to discover this inner power and live his or her happiest, healthiest life.

Joanna’s background stems from three major categories:

 Personal Training  Yoga  Pilates
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